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How to Garden

Fantasy Farming in Nimia is an old school affair. there are no tractors or chemical pesticides. Gardens and crops must be tended to naturally.

Main Menu Screen
Press start to begin the game. If you login in and have already saved a garden, you will be given the option to load your saved garden, or start a new one. If you start a new one, you will keep all the seeds you have collected, but your garden will start new with 16 empty plots. New gardens will not be saved until you explicitly press the 'save garden' button.

If you don't login (play as guest) you will automatically start with a new garden. You can login in at any time, then save your garden if you decide to do this later.


Options Screen

Change Music Button
Swap between Happy and Calm soundtracks

Gameguide Button
This will open the online gameguide in a new browser window

The number of plots you already have in your gardens

Bags of Soil

Earned by gaining levels. The number of new plots you can create. Create new plots using the ADD PLOT button on the toolbar



the shovel is the default tool, used to pull weeds, dig holes and plant seeds

Move Plant
To move a plot, first clear it of any plants or weeds. Then click on the empty plot and select the Move arrows from the menu. The plot will position itself wherever Rando is. When you are happy with its position, click it to set it down.


Use the flyswatter to swat bugs around Waterfall Woods. Bugs can get in the way of planting your garden. Swatting bugs yields bug poop, which can be used to fertilize plants.

Add Plot

Click ADD PLOT to add a new dirt plot to your garden. After clicking the button, move Rando to where you would like to place the new plot, then click on the plot itself to place it down.


Options screen for Waterfall Woods


Opens the shop where you can buy new plants and decor

You can take snapshots of your garden and share them with your friends. Click the camera buttoin to open the camera. Zoom in and tilt up/down using the 4 center buttons on the camera screen. WHen you find a picture you like, click TAKE PICTURE. To email your garden to a friend, click EMAIL. A new window will open, then enter your name, their email and a message (message is optional).

save game
If you are logged in you can save your game by clicking the SAVE GAME button. This will overwrite any previously saved games you already have. It will not affect the seeds you have bought or found already.

Opens a map of the woods. You can isntantly travel around the woods by clicking the buttons on teh mao screen.



Nimian garden is entirely mouse controlled. You can mouse over interactive items to reveal their details. Clicking an interactive item will pop up a menu with options for that item.

Click the ground to start walking. Cick it again to stop.

Horse Riding
If you feed the horse a Suncup or Cluebell, she will let you ride her. Click on the horse to mount her. CLick on her again to dismount.

Pull Weeds

Click on a weed to pull it out of the ground. This will leave n empty dirt plot ready for planting.

Dig Hole
Click an empty dirt patch to dig a hole.

Plant seed
Click a hole and choose a seed from the circle menu. There are more seeds hidden in teh woods and available in the shop


Fertilize plant
click a plant and choose the manure icon to fertilize it. Fertilizer increase plant size, but not as much as water. If you run out of fertiliser, you can gain more by swatting bugs around waterfall woods. Select the Flyswatter tool from the toolbar, then hunt for some bugs to swat.

Water Plant
click a plant and choose the watercan icon to water it. Watering plants increase their size immediately. Your watering can can hold more water everytime you gain a level by gardening. If you run out of water, you can fill your water can by running through the pond, in the river, or in the lagoon by the waterfall

Is your plant too large? you canshrink its size by using the garden shears. CLICK ON A PLANT AND SELECT SHEARS TO TRIM IT.

Pick Plant
Click a plant and select the hand icon to pick a plant. You will carry the plant with you until you perform another action. Use this action when someone asks you to bring them a specific plant.

Speaking to people
Click on characters to speak with them


Expanding Your Garden

Karma Points
You gain karma by planting new flowers. Karma will help you gain levels. As your level increases you will receive a larger watercan that holds more water, as well as new bags of soil to help you expand the size of your garden. You also receive Stepping Stones for your garden at level 3, and the Garden Lamp at level 5. There are 12 levels in the game.

Levels are gained by planting new plants and gaining Karma points. Higher levels mean larger gardens, watercans that hold more water and more fertilizer

Finding Seeds
You can collect new seeds from lone plants around the world map and plant them in your garden. Click on a lone plant to pick it and harvest it's seeds


Slugbugs are flying insects that inhabit waterfall woods. They are attracted to overfertilized plants and will get in the way of your gardening. You can swat them with your Flyswatter tool in your toolbar. Swatting flies will also give you more Fly poop, which is used to fertilize your plants.