Nimian Legends


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Rhythm Platformer

The music has been scattered across the world. Plum Nut must avoid obstacles and collect the notes in time to the music in this Christmas game. The better the timing, the better the rewards.


Thcakovsky's Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

Painstakingly recreated for Plum Nut. A great way to learn the music of Thcakovsky and enjoy a Christmas classic in an entirely new way.

3 Worlds to Explore

From the soft glow of the Christmas tree, to the juicy tatse of the turkey table, to the mysteries of moonbeam attic - run, leap and even fly through 3 unique worlds.

Collect Power-Ups

Roll through enemies as a prickly pear. Revel pint-giving stars with the treasure map. Put the nasty mice to sleep with a shot of moon cheese. The better you do, the more power ups you can collect.

And of course... Hats!

Why stick with one look? Dress yourself up with a fun variety of wigs and hats. Add a touch of personality to your character as you make your way through this unique adventure.

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